Counseling is a systematic helpful liaison process based on the psychological principles undertaken by professional counselors in order to produce a comprehensive, personal development and personal adjustment of a client’s entire life-long ethical basis.

Counselors are individuals with training, expertise, accreditation, knowledge in counseling and experience in the process of helping individuals with different backgrounds and diverse issues.

Pusat Kaunseling UPSI is operating in Monday – Friday : 8am to 5pm.

Pusat Kaunseling is located at Bitarasiswa, Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah campus.

All UPSI students and staff can get the service from Pusat Kaunseling.

No charge for the service provided.

Please make an advance appointment by contacting Pusat Kaunseling staff to get your appointment date with the counselor and you can see the instruction in appointment section

Various issues and problems can be shared and assisted   through counseling session.

Any issues or issues that are shared within the counseling session is CONFIDENTIAL  in accordance with the Counselors Act 1998 under certain conditions only.

Pusat Kaunseling counselor is reliable and trusted. All  counselors are highly trained and professionals in their works. The counselors have the certificate and licensed as a professional counselor