About Us


UPSI Counseling Unit has commenced operations on August 8, 1998 under the administration and management of the Student Affairs Department (JHEPA). At the beginning of this unit known as the Consulting Unit and has a Counselor and an Administrative Assistant (P / O).

In 2003, the Consultative Unit has changed to the Student Counseling and Progress Unit and has two Counselors and an Administrative Assistant and operates at the Suluh Budiman Building.

In early 2004, the Counseling Unit received a coordinator who was a Counseling Lecturer and the Counseling Unit had changed its name to the Counseling and Career Center.

In early 2005, once again, the Counseling and Career Center changed its name to the Counseling and Career Unit because the coordinator’s function was abolished.

 In 2006 once again the name of the Counseling and Career Center was converted to the Counseling and Career Division (BKK) and also received a new S41 Psychology Officer. BKK also centralized its operation in Bitarasiswa building.

In 2007, BKK received another new S41 Psychology Officer. In 2008 BKK received another S41 Psychological Officer. BKK continues to operate with 5 staff comprising a S48 Psychologist (Head of Division), 3 Psychology S41 Officers, and an N19 Administrative Assistant and the name have cganged into Counseling Unit

In 2015, Counseling Unit have received two additional S41 Psychology officer that makes the total of Psychology Officer to 6 people. The total of the staffs have changed to 1 director, 1 Psychology Officer S48, 3 Psychology Officer S44, 2 Psychology Officer S41 and 1 Administrative Assistant N19.

In 2018, Counseling Unit have changed its name to Counseling Centre until now.

" Together in Building Potential "